Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do your down/up speeds in the Tiers mean?

A: Measurements in MB down/up are the connection speeds at any one moment. The higher numbers equal more speed. To use an analogy; if you think of internet traffic as water flowing through a hose, this is how large the hose is… larger hose (higher down/up MB numbers) means more water can flow at one time.

Q: Are there any usage limits or caps like with satellite internet or my cell-phone?

A: We don’t cap or limit you at all; we like our unlimited data and are sure you will too.

Q: How reliable are your connections?

A: No provider can guarantee 100% reliability; but we strive for the 5-Nines Rule of 99.999% uptime. We do actively monitor our network to allow us to repsond quickly and efficiently to potential problems, often before clients are aware there are issues at all.

Q: Do I have to be able to SEE one of your tower to use your service?

A: We use a variety of cutting-edge wireless technologies to allow us to provide connections where others cannot. You do NOT have to be able to SEE one of our towers to connect.

Q: I want to use your service, what are the steps involved?

A: Contact our offices using one of the methods on this flyer; we will then do the following:
1.) Conduct a Site Assessment to ensure we can service you (FREE)
2.) Provide you with information on the connections and packages available to you and pricing
3.) Answer any questions you have at that time
4.) Schedule installation
5.) Conduct the installation, test the connection – make you happy

Q: I have my own equipment, do I have to use yours?

A: Possibly; but the answers for different types of equipment are below:
Antenna – Yes, but you have the option of buying instead of leasing
Modem – Our system does not require a modem
Router/Wifi (in house) – We will certainly attempt to use yours, but if it is not compatible with our systems we have very low-cost high-performance units available for purchase.

Q: What are your contract terms?

A: We don’t use contracts. We believe that if we provide a top-quality service at a reasonable price, you will be happy and maintain service with us.